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If I'm being honest... (Hope vs Faith)

There's a huge difference between hope and faith. And I didn't personally realize that until I had a moment of clarity, one that was obviously long overdue.

But, as the title suggests, if I'm being honest, I've talked myself out of some extraordinary experiences in life. Mainly because of fear, but also because of hope. I would fear the unknown so much, that I would literally run away from all kinds of greatness. I mean sounds crazy, but take a moment to think about a situation or opportunity that you were so scared to see the end result of, that you didn't bother to pursue.

Now consider the infinite possible outcomes. And I say infinite because, you can't possibly put a cap on outcomes that are unknown to you, right? Where's the sense in that?

Consequences of Fear

Fear, properly defined (in my own words), as a unsettling feeling that is heighten by the notion that an event or experience will be traumatic, (extremely dangerous or inflict immense pain).

Loving, after being hurt, is feared by many. Going to an interview, after being turned down by many, is fearful. Flying on a plane, after being on a plane that nearly crashed, is fearful. Each of these events however, could lead to get experiences, in the absence of fear, regardless to previous experiences.

And many of us do this. Many of us fail to believe that repetition can't possibly yield a different outcome, or that something different, could be better. Or that something new, could be greater.

I am not saying that fear in some instances is unwarranted. But, if you allow fear to control your life, dictate your actions and experiences, you must also allow yourself to consider the infinite possibilities of moments in life, that you've kept yourself from experiencing. And again, I say infinite because, you can't possibly put a cap on outcomes that are unknown to you, right?

When you think about fear, try to consider it from a new perspective. Try to consider the idea that just as bad is fear feels, it could be good for you.

The irony of fear is that, most often when you conquer that fear, hindsight is 20/20. You often realize that it wasn't as bad, as you'd thought it would be...

Love, now that's a fear that I know all too well. Because no matter how much love I experience, I fear that it won't be as good as the last. I'm scared that love, won't mean, as much as it once did. I think that love, won't feel as great, as it once was.

Sadly, fearing love, blinded me from seeing the possibility of a greater love. I mean, the list of men I loved, is far shorter than the list of men, I darned not to love, for whatever reason. But why? What would be so scary about allowing myself to love someone new? What kept me from experiencing the possibility of a new love? Fear primarily, but if I'm being honest, it was also hope.

I trained myself, after so much heartbreak, to be able to recognize love, that was so much greater than the last, in a matter of moments or a few months. Listen to me, I really thought I could recognize love and know whether it would last, without even giving it a chance...

There's no shame in making a mockery of my own thoughts, when I can help someone else be better.


Because again, we must remember that you can't know put a cap on possibilities that are unknown to you... -Audreyanna Garrett


Consequences of Hope

My view on hope, may be to some a matter of looking at the glass half empty, or half full. But to me, regardless to what level of glass you perceive, you can't deny the fact that hope is a notion that keeps us holding out for better.

Holding out, to me, is the same thing as holding back, and can even be compared to running away...

Now to the hopeful, I'm sure you're wondering, "whatever does she mean"?

Quite frankly, hope, while it can be extremely positive and is one of the many reasons we aspire for great things in the world, it blinds us from taking advantage of the opportunities we do have.

Hope hinders our ability to see all that is great, right in front of us.


Hope will have us waiting for things that may never come to us.. -Audreyanna Garrett


Yeah, I know, I just literally tore down that wonderful image of hope. But I challenge you to see how too much hope, can negatively impact your life.

I hoped that an amazing love would come to me, all packaged in a bottle of the finest red wine, perfectly aged, smooth and easy. Yet, I couldn't see the possibility, that it may come tattered, and undesired. I didn't realize I'd have to peel back the layers, to see beyond the package, and find the golden ticket. I had hope that it would come tastefully displayed, so I dismissed any possibility that better may not have been presentable. That better, may have needed my touch, to make it desirable. That better, just looked the way I had felt, and we had more in common than I knew...

See, when the hope consumes you, you lose sight of considering that things that may not look good, could be great for you.


I challenge you to not be like me. I challenge you to walk in the fear. I challenge you to make the unknown, certainties. I want you, to know why you should not to be the person that walks away from the possibility of greater things, because you think, it can't be...

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