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There's no BUT in TRUST...

Too often I hear people saying, "I trust him/her, but..."

Let's face it, where there is a but, there is definitely NO TRUST! And quite frankly, it's ridiculous to think that there is room for "buts" in trust.

Now don't get mad at me for pointing out the obvious. Be disappointed in yourself for believing that trust, should be explained in "buts", to rationalize your insecurities.

Trust works only when you are able to trust 100%; just as it takes 100% effort to be deemed worthy of trust.

Trust is an ongoing effort, so know that when you question trust, even for a second, it's broken...


Look, I get that American culture beats us over the head with ideals of the "perfect" family and relationship expectations, but understand this, not all ideals and expectations are realistic!

Each person loves differently. Each person requires something different in order to deem someone trustworthy. And if you have not properly communicated what trust looks like to you, can you really hold someone responsible if they do something not worthy of your trust?

Think about that seriously.

Re-read it if you have to.

Because for those of us who think unrealistically, we make assumptions on basic understandings of trust. Therefore, it makes it easy to assume that people you date, should already know how to treat, gain your trust and/or love you. So, STOP ASSUMING.


"Assumptions set the precedent for unrealistic expectations." -Audreyanna Garrett


So the next time you are wondering why someone failed you. Or why someone would do something untrustworthy, ask yourself if you properly communicated your needs. Or if you assumed that individual should "know you", and automatically know what behavior you expect, in order to gain your trust.

It's a common mistake, but I know that common sense, isn't very common...

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