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Are you damaged by insecurities?

As someone who recognizes and accepts her truth (and practices self-actualization daily), I realized that people who don't understand this level of acceptance become insecure based on someone else's truth and journey. They in turn become damaged, because they focus more on those insecurities than their capability of recognizing and accepting their own truth.

Essentially, they become a mirror of their deficits...

So why allow damage from insecurities?

In short, we allow this damage because we don't recognize it.

Insecure by definition, according to Google, is an adjective of a person, a descriptive word that means that an individual is not confident or assured, not safe (unsafe) and not firm.

Lack of confidence is deafening to our psyche.

The brain is one of the most important muscle in our bodies. Cognitive functioning and awareness are the very essence of who we are, how we perceive the world, process information and exist within that reason.

So, if we allow insecurities (lack of confidence/assurance) to creep in, we allow for everything we believe to be true, everything that we rationalize and every perception made to become questionable. And when we question so many things at one time, we become lost, extremely uncertain and susceptible to anything.

Insecurities, in essence, strip us of our will to fight for what we know to be true. It challenges us to question ourselves and question life in a way that leaves us vulnerable and susceptible to manipulation.

And what's worse is that those insecure people become the "leaders" of our organizations, mothers, fathers and teachers, who instill that lack of certainty into our future. Then we become a country/world of lost men and women.


Insecure men and women take pride in devaluing those who value themselves, so that they can seem superior.

Insecure men and women need to be accepted by others because they do not accept themselves.

And unfortunately, social media has played a large part in creating and reinforcing insecure people.

And I know that social media is just a tool and what we make of it, but that is exactly my point. What you post, what you share, what you like speaks either to your security or lack there of in one's self.

Social media aids in the loss of purpose and creates a focus on instant gratification. So, our confidence rides backseat to our will to be accepted by everyone other than ourselves.

And very quickly we begin to see, how much self-worth, self-love, self-acceptance and self-respect are the fundamental attackers of insecurity...

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Audridom the blog created by author and blogger Audreyanna Garrett, stands to give birth to spirits of acceptance, encouragement, understanding and forgiveness, as well as help diminish spirits of fear, desperation, doubt and frustration, all while encouraging us to move forward in truth to something greater. 

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