• Audreyanna Garrett

The social war on self love...

Unfortunately today there are so many "goals" socially appropriated that we make an effort to live up to; body goals, relationship goals, natural hair goals, etc... however, none of which promote internal strength and acceptance.

Everything focuses on shaping our external/exterior to meet cultural expectations or norms of perfection. And the becomes embedded in our psyche, so much so that we don't realize how motivated we are to shape social perceptions of ourselves. Those that give us a sense of belonging.

We basically use the likes for self-acceptance and validation of self-love.

So where is the encouragement for self-love?

And I ask that loosely because I know there is currently campaigns for plus size women that encourage acceptance, there are nude ads that encourage acceptance of all shades, and so on and so forth. But on a very basic level, in our everyday encounters, you will struggle trying to find constant reinforcement of self-love.

If anything, we see more encouragement to be or look like a model, or the current idea of perfection, than anything else.


Well, I will get to that shortly, but it's very apparent that social media is negatively impacting the view of self. And thus social media is in an all out war against self-love.

And even though there are some pages within social media that promote community, still there are very few, if any, that promote self-love, self-acceptance or accountability.

The few that you may find are typically causes that need attention, or businesses that use self-improvement as a brand...

But take a moment to think of the amount of men and women in the, what I will refer to as "industry" who have over millions of followers to watch them be "perfect" and appear to have a perfect life? Who essentially get paid to sell the dream of a lifestyle. Which is ironic because they are potentially just as broken and insecure on the inside as many of us.

So why do we give them a platform?

Social media conditions us to think that the idea of having it all on social media is better than putting the effort into actually experiencing life and living it in the absence of social media.

And when people actually do this, live a happy life, it's typically viewed as "boring".

But that is also because the entertainment aspect of social media is

grounded in disorder or disfunction, not peace and harmony...

For what is Instagram without people?

What is Facebook without people?

What is Snap Chat without people?

None of these would exist in the absence of a user.

But instead of us using these mediums in a way that promotes positivity, we allow it to be used in a manner promotes negative behavior, that is demeaning and condescending.

It's all free speech though, but if broken down, reflects a heavy lack of communal support and positivity.


Insecure people are buyers. Insecure people want what other's have, regardless to if they can afford it or not. Insecure people want acceptance.

So why not market to the insecure? Why not create apps that keep insecure people locked into seeking acceptance from people they would never meet and whose opinions may never matter?

Well, the more you're locked in, the more you scroll, the more you like, the more revenue they generate.

We are making people rich for free. We are volunteering one of the most precious gifts we have in life, time, to make someone else rich, and essentially getting nothing but "likes" in return...

And if you really think about it, if you loved yourself, the industry frankly wouldn't be as profitable, and would ultimately cease to exist...


Growth comes at a cost!

May 8, 2019

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