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Attitude of Self-Gratitude

In keeping with the theme of gratitude, I decided to make sure that I shine a light on the fact that it's naturally easier for us to express gratitude to others, including, but not limited to, friends, family, teachers, children, pastors, spiritual guides, etc., but it's very unfamiliar to thank or praise self.

Today, however, I'd like very much to encourage you all to establish a habit of actively praising yourself on your growth, daily. It's what I like to call an Attitude of Self-Gratitude!

For me personally, while I'd like to say that self-gratitude is something that I always knew I should do, that is not the case. Establishing a routine of self-gratitude came later on for me (early 30s) after I had experienced much loss and pain. I decided not to focus on where I had been or where I had come from. I chose to no longer focus on the pain and loss. I decided that I wanted to be happy with how far I had come. Therefore, I changed my perspective and established a pattern of practicing self-gratitude.

What did I do?

I began by attempting to use the phrase,

"I'm proud of myself for (insert compliment)..."

Now I will be honest, doing this daily still sometimes gets away from me, depending on my schedule, but because I practice this more often than not, it's easy for me to notice how much better I handled a situation, how much more patience I exhibited or how much more control I exercised. All things that typically go unnoticed when we're focused on the negative aspects of our lives. Therefore, when I recognize my progress, I make an effort to maintain focus on that. I find happiness and peace in expressing gratitude to myself for the progress I've made, so I work to maintain that feeling. And it honestly feels so good to allow yourself to anticipate better.

Additionally, I've noticed that even when I don't verbally express self-gratitude, I find small ways (via small tokens, gifts, spa days, massages, etc.) to appreciate myself for being better than I was before. I celebrate my growth and reward my efforts, and it motivates me to continue to seek that feeling.

If you make a habit of this practice, I guarantee you that you will come to appreciate yourself more and more each day. Subsequently, you'll naturally be more in tune with how much you've grown. And that awareness will motivate you to continue to evolve and be better.

I understand that for many this post may be the first you've ever read that supports the establishment of an attitude of self-gratitude. And for others, it is just another reminder, but either way, we all need more encouragement in this respect.

So, don't go another day without being thankful for your past and all the many challenges you're facing; those that are small and big; those challenges that are recognized by others, and those that are only known by you. Because each is a reflection of your strength and growth and will contribute to you becoming a better version of you!

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