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Why a Politically Correct Response is the Inappropriate Response to #BLM Movement...

I wanted to quickly share that I am extremely proud of the movement and the change that the world is currently experiencing. This is long overdue. But I need to remind you that being PC during this time is counter productive.


Because Black people have been forced to be socially acceptable (PC) our entire lives, we've been conditioned for that. And I don't think that being neutral or feeling that you are not directly impacted is the appropriate response. Because as long as you are a person of color in America you are not exempt!

I think what is clear to me is that injustice and racism against Black people in this country have gone on for far too long. I want to personally thank all non-Black people currently standing with us in this time.

It is not a time to be idle, frustrated or depressed by what we see. But I find it interesting that some of us who feel what we are seeing on the news is now depressing, when it should have always been depressing. At this point, we literally should be fed up with disparate treatment of Black lives in America.

I have addressed the reason why All Lives Matter movement is not appropriate in this time, but I will also address it here so that my POV (point of view) is clear. Police Brutality is a universal issue, but it always has highlighted the racism present in this country, and that's not really up for discussion. I believe it should be understood that Black people understand this issue isn't just a Black issue, but it vastly impacts Black people and definitely contributes to the systemic injustice that we continue to experience in America. So it's no surprise that Police Brutality is a part of this fight.

It is also important to understand that Black people are also fighting for changes to laws, practices and procedures with regard to education, housing, public health, employment, sexual harassment, color-ism and other issues that directly impact our ability to excel in this country.

This movement is very necessary and I will not discourage, discredit or demean anyone who is looting and rioting in the name of this movement, because looting and rioting receive immediate and lasting responses, as proven by our ancestors. Whenever Black people attempt to address our issues in a civil matter there is a brief moment of recognition that gets overshadowed by that individual who presented the issue, being demean and discredited in news, to invalidate his/her point of view.

Not only that, there is a country representative (Trumpy) inciting racism, bigotry and a blatant attack on Black people, as he continues to tweet things like "when the rioting starts the shooting starts" as well as his request for the U.S. Army/military units to get the people under control and/or his constant referral to Black people as thugs, criminals and animals.

I think it is important for everyone to understand that this time, this history, this monumental movement we are experiencing is going to be VERY UNCOMFORTABLE for all of us. But it is very necessary.

Disconnecting from the movement, blocking out social media or turning a blind eye in general does not mean that you are exempt from ever sharing in negative Black experiences.

As a person of color I have had to discontinue and or limit my activities, patronage, etc. to make sure I am consciously supporting only those advocating for the same resolve. It's uncomfortable. I have to pay attention to my diverse friend groups and ensure that there is no underlying tone of racism during this time. I have to unfriend those who are in direct opposition to the movement, for which I had no knowledge of before this time because their white privilege and dislike of Black people wasn't visible. That is very uncomfortable.

But if we don't become uncomfortable, all that we are doing will be in vain.

It's disheartening however to encounter some people of color who simply can not or will not get on board with the movement because they want to "protect their energy", "not be depressed by all the news" or "don't feel like our efforts will be effective". I think it is important for people of color to realize that while our ancestors did not get to experience much of the impact of their suffrage marches, riots, looting, boycotts and civil rights marching and protesting, we did. And as we are currently experiencing the impact of their movements, it's only right that we do the same for the generations to follow us.

We need to be selfless in this time, as our ancestors were selfless for us.

I think we've become so desensitized to the heinous acts toward Black people that until it hits close to home we block it out, disengage or disconnect, but those responses are INEFFECTIVE and CRIPPLING to what we are trying to achieve.

So don't be PC when addressing feelings and frustration during this time with regard to your Black experiences. We finally get the opportunity to be emotional. We finally get to speak and be heard and not overlooked, well not as much as we would normally.

I hope to encourage you all not to get frustrated and depressed with what you see, but to channel that emotion and energy into motivation and activism. Even if it's a blog post, Instagram post, twitter posts or re-posts, signing of a petition, protesting, supporting black business, boycotts, protests, strikes, etc. Each of these are means of activism and support for the cause. Please know that your efforts are valued, necessary and although we may not see the immediate impact, we are doing it so that our children and their families won't have to.

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