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I, Audreyanna Garrett, author and poet, was born September 7, 1984, in Houston, Texas, began writing as a young girl and has always had a spirit for self expression through writing.


Never without a pen and pad, I kept a journal of every thought, misunderstanding, challenge and success in my life.  Writing was and still is my way of expressing how I truly feel.  I started with a journal.  My journal housed my poetry, and later my poetry and thoughts were developed into blogs. Each blog encompasses a different chapter of my life, utilizing the trials and joys of my journey to exhibit my growth process.


I so often share my, what I like to call, "life lessons", (more often than not) in the form of poetry, with hope that someone else can grow and learn as well. What each blog has in common, is my ability to creatively and poetically express the importance of love and its role in life. I have taken a great interest in establishing a relationship between love, self-actualization and self-empowerment.


My first blog, Poetically Speaking www.soulpoetspeaks.blogspot.com is where I acknowledged my passion for writing to the world. Upon graduation from college (Sam Houston State University "Eat'em Up Katz"), I discovered a new passion, this time it was for a man. So, I allowed that relationship to be the basis of my poetry collage Diary In Reverse (2009), an introspective work written uniquely from end to beginning, detailing the ups and downs of my relationship, and the reluctance to let go of love.


A year later I was hit with Writer's Block, www.theverticalperspective.blogspot.com.  But for me, unlike other writers, this blog was truly a freeing experience, which then became the source of my second poetry collage bearing the same name. Both the blog and the book, take readers on a mental stroll through an emotional time in my life, that resonates with anyone who, like me, had to let go of a lost love, and find a way to move forward.

Oh, and just in case you're one of those people who like to know educational backgrounds, I received a BFA (Bachelors of Fine Art) in Dance, from Sam Houston.  Additionally, I've earned a Masters of Business Administration, with a concentration in Global Management, and a Masters of Science in Psychology from the University of Phoenix.  And in case you thought that was a lot already, I certainly plan to return for my doctorate, when time permits.


What's most important to me, is that I make sure to walk in my purpose, daily.  Through my work, and all future literary projects, I seek to motivate, encourage, support, spread love and provoke conscious thought into the lives of many.  


The more I learn and grow, the more you get to learn with me...

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