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I am currently reading 8 Habits of Love by Ed Bacon, which I highly recommend. Now I will be honest though, when you start the book you have to get us...


If you follow me on social media, (@AudriWrites) you get a weekly dose of love and life lessons, but I decided to condense those into one list, of 10...


I am not ashamed to admit that I saw my parents, in different ways, struggle with properly expressing anger. Therefore I too I had anger issues....


We all know the rate at which we mature and learn varies from individual to individual. And we can certainly agree that men and women mature a varying...


A Whole New World!

Going from America to London was a big change. Not only because I has halfway across the world, and miles away from family, but also...


I start this post as I started the first, (Karma) previously posted to my blog Poetically Speaking), in order to reinforce th...


While flipping through the channels, I caught that reality tv show where married celebrities go and stay in a house and seek counsel to save their mar...


Like most I learn the hard way, so it was no surprise to me when I actualized the difference between empty goals (purposeless) and purpose filled goal...



School Daze coined the phrase “wake up”, which stood to encourage African American students to become more conscious of their surroundings. 


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Growth comes at a cost!

May 8, 2019

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Audridom the blog created by author and blogger Audreyanna Garrett, stands to give birth to spirits of acceptance, encouragement, understanding and forgiveness, as well as help diminish spirits of fear, desperation, doubt and frustration, all while encouraging us to move forward in truth to something greater.  

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