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I despise (because I don't like to use the term hate) to see people dive into a relationship, but fail to empty their luggage from the previous relati...


Every month I like to think that my posts for the month will have a theme, but today I realized that life doesn't happen on themes...

I've had sev...


I don't know about you, but I have spent some days thinking to myself, why hasn't "he" come to rescue me.

He being subjective, of course.

But, I know...


"I accept that my effort is no longer required!"-AudriWrites

I composed a quote on Instagram using this phrase to explain how it felt when I got tire...


If you follow me on social media, (@AudriWrites) you get a weekly dose of love and life lessons, but I decided to condense those into one list, of 10...


Too often I hear people saying, "I trust him/her, but..."    

Let's face it, where there is a but, there is definitely NO TRUST! And quite fr...


If you’re anything like me, you’ve thought of changing a thing or two about your partner that would make them the perfect mate. And surly our abi...


I recently discontinued a relationship of approximately seven years with a man that had not only been my best friend, but someone I didn't picture my...


One of the joys of being single is that you can be free to date as often as you like. 

However, many of us date with the idea that "situation-ships" ar...


I find the phrase "I forgive you, but..." odd, simply because when you pardon or forgive behavior, it's almost impossible to not accept the consequenc...

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Growth comes at a cost!

May 8, 2019

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Audridom the blog created by author and blogger Audreyanna Garrett, stands to give birth to spirits of acceptance, encouragement, understanding and forgiveness, as well as help diminish spirits of fear, desperation, doubt and frustration, all while encouraging us to move forward in truth to something greater.  

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