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5 Things Not Considered When You Hear the Word “No”!

The word “No” often has negative connotation because of its association with rejection. And no one likes to get rejected, whether it’s in one’s professional or personal life. In fact, most people fear it. Rejection that is. But there is definitely more to be considered when hearing the word “No” than you think.

What if “No” wasn’t a bad thing? Well that’s certainly something to consider right? But I promise hearing "No" definitely is not always a bad.

Here are 5 things you don’t typically consider when you hear the word “No”!

1- “No” motivates!

Has someone ever told you “No” and you knew you wanted a “Yes” more?

Hearing the word “No” will motivate you in those instances, especially for those who seek validation, acceptance or appreciation. “No” acts as a motivator. “No” encourages you to work harder with hope to seek validation, acceptance and appreciation for your efforts. Hearing “No” often kick starts your will to meet and exceed expectations of your superior or loved one.

2- “No” encourages malleability!

Ever hear “No” and immediately thought to yourself all the things that may have caused you to receive that “No”?

Therefore, hearing “No” forced you to consider all the possibilities that could increase your chances of yes? And because of that “No” you were able to realize some things about yourself, your work ethic, your habits, your behavior, etc. that need to be changed or corrected. That “No” encourages you to become objective, resourceful and resilient. You become flexible, allowing yourself to think about the other party’s perception, and adapt according to that expectation, in order to achieve that “Yes”. You may have heard a “No” but it gave you the ability to be malleable and agile in correcting your shortcomings to achieve success.

3- “No” allows you to reassess unrealistic expectations!

Some of us expect “Yes” like there is no possibility of ever hearing “No”. Yet, when we do receive a “No”, we are forced to release that unrealistic expectation. So, from hearing that “No”, you learned not to set unrealistic expectations and stop allowing yourself to believe that you will never hear “No”. Accept that there most certainly will a point in your life where you hear “No”. And know it’s ok! But when you do, you get the opportunity to check yourself and set more realistic expectations..

4- “No” means it’s not the right time or it’s not for you!

When you hear a “No” sometimes we get caught up in the word that we do not realize what it means. Sometimes hearing the word “No” is a good thing because it could mean that what you want is either not for you, or is not what you need at that point in time. Hearing “No” saves you from yourself and from things that you want, yet don’t realize are not good for you.

5- “No” doesn’t mean anything!

We all have the right to our own opinion and sometimes when someone says “No” it’s because his or her ideals do not align with our own. And in that situation, “No” doesn’t mean anything! It has no clout on what you are capable of achieving. So it’s important to look at the context in which you receive a “No”, and remember that “No” doesn’t always mean something!

So, there’s a lot more to consider when hearing the word “No” than we often think about. Learn how to turn your “No” into a yes and be aware of the context in which you receive a “No”. Release the assumption that “No” is always negative. And remember to consider these 5 things the next time you hear the word “No”.

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