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How to exercise self-love, while pursuing the best interest of others!

Many of the lessons I've shared on my blog express the importance of understanding and loving yourself.

I often state that if you don't know how to love yourself, you can't properly articulate how you need to be loved, to someone who wants to love you. And that's a concept that's important when trying to find the balance in loving yourself and pursuing the best interest of your significant other.

In relationships it can appear to be a challenge to find the balance of loving yourself while ensuring the best interest of your significant other. But, is it really difficult? That's a matter of perspective, but like anything else, it can appear to be quite difficult if you don't know what to do...


So if you're the person who believes that exercising self-love means being selfish, well that's certainly inaccurate.

When you practice self-love, it's about becoming one with yourself and accepting yourself. Nothing about that is selfish. You can certainly love yourself, care for and express empathy and sympathy to someone else.

It also doesn't mean you have to put yourself before others. Which is most important because, when you understand that, you can certainly seek and encourage the best interest of others. And you will ultimately learn that encouraging someone else to be the best version of themselves does not take away from you pursuing your own best interest.

Loving yourself is merely a reflection of how you value and/or seek to be valued in a relationship. When you love yourself and properly exercise self-love, you aren't mean, you're more or less ensuring that others understand your worth.


When you are trying to find the balance, between self-love and pursuit of the best interest of your significant other, you're able to identify moments when it's beneficial to support and encourage someone else.

Supporting and encouraging someone else doesn't take away from your pursuits, especially in a relationship. Because when you've properly found balance, you understand that encouraging the best interest of your partner, also benefits you.

It's not really even a hard concept to grasp, but very important in establishing and developing healthy relationships and partnerships.

For many of us, we challenge and strain our relationships because we can't understand that encouragement plays such a large role in healthy relationships.

So you see, when you know what to do, you realize that loving yourself and encouraging/supporting the best interest of someone else really is quite SIMPLE.

Let me know what you think of the post! Leave your comments below.

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