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The Energy of Attraction

I am currently reading 8 Habits of Love by Ed Bacon, which I highly recommend. Now I will be honest though, when you start the book you have to get used to how he structures the anecdotes that he uses to provoke understanding. But once you get that, the information is certainly profound. But I said all that to say, while reading, I came up with the inspiration for this post.

I know you all have heard of the Law of Attraction, and the idea of this post speaks to a similar idea. However, the greatest difference is that I will spend more time explaining how your energy is attractive and how it can attract both negative and positive attention from people, but I won't go into much detail about how to shape your energy into being positive.


I only recently focused on this idea because while out one night, *backstory--I go to the same bar every week just about, same people, same vibe and all around a good time*, but one particular night I went, as of late, I noticed that when I walked into the room, I immediately began to get stares. Not just from men, from both men and women. When I say stares, I just mean unexpected focus and/or attention. For example, you ever notice how some people walk into a room and no one ever notices they were there? In my case, however, I walked in and I felt as if everyone recognized my presence.

I don't know if it was the first time, but I know it was the first time that I recognized it. So, I began to to ask myself what was different about me? Is it what I was wearing? etc.

I then challenged myself to step outside of myself and examine what could have caused that attention. And honestly, as I reflect, it could have been like this all along, but I was never one to spend that much time waiting for others to acknowledge me, or thinking about what others saw. I only cared about what I felt and what I saw for much of my life. This was an entirely new concept for me, but until I paid attention to it, I didn't realize how remarkable it was.


As I stepped outside of myself, I was now forced to look at myself objectively. I questioned, what do others see when they look at me? What made me so attractive?

At the time, I didn't believe that it was anything more than external attributes, because I didn't know these people; well not personally anyway. So I tried to sort out why they gave me so much of their attention in that moment.

As the night progressed and I continued to have a great time, I realized that I was happy, carefree, dancing without worry, and laughing sporadically with friends. And in each moment I was consumed with happy, I realized that it was something in the way it looked, that made it so infectious and desirable.

I realized, that my happiness, my peace and my ability to just exist in the moment, that energy, was attractive.


If you had known me prior to 30, you'd be able to understand the vast change that I had made. For me to go to being someone that gained positive attention was really a good thing. Prior to, I don't remember a day that went by, where someone didn't go out of their way to encourage me to smile. And once I smiled they would be so gracious and appreciative.

This used to annoy me some days, but then I begin to realize that my facial expressions were dismissive and non-inviting. I didn't appear happy, even though most often I felt great. Upon stepping outside of myself, this was one of the first things that I had considered. And I immediately recognized that I had changed that about me. Because while going through my period of growth (that which I am still on), I forced myself to be aware of how my aura and attitude is displayed. Obviously my efforts are paying off.

I accepted that my energy was infections, therefore I desired to exude more of it. I encouraged myself to just continue to be, smile and laugh more, and be careless about what other's may think.

I've always been analytical and someone to pay attention to details, whether large or small. Therefore, noticing people look at me, while in my element, was not something that I would have missed. However, I do understand how many of us won't even pay attention to this sort of thing. And that's why each post I write is so important to me. I want to encourage you to recognize things that took me years to comprehend. Because in the words of the late and great phenomenal women Maya Angelou, "When you know better, you do better."

Share you thoughts on the post below!

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