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The difference between a broken spirit and broken heart!

If we lose or let go of love, we easily confuse those feelings. We typically feel as if our energy has depleted, that we've been let down and discouraged from loving again because we believe that our efforts were for nothing. We tend to associate loss of love with rejection and inadequacy, which speaks to a lack of understanding and acceptance of the loss. We allow the emotions we encounter to take over us, yielding an inability to properly rationalize the choices and decisions we made to yield said loss. This is primarily a result of a lack of accountability. As we know, accountability is a great lesson and hard to practice. Because regardless of whether we desire loss of love or not, either way, we played a role in that loss. This means that we have a responsibility for the undesired emotions we are subject to experience after said loss.


After losing someone we love, we can experience a variety of emotions, but specifically, when we believe that we have failed and or take on perceptions and feelings of inadequacy, in those times we are actually experiencing the impact of a broken spirit. The spirit becomes broken because we no longer believe we could have another opportunity for love. In that moment (and in subsequent moments until addressed) we believe that a second chance at love is impossible.


When a heart is broken, we occupy an emotional space where we cannot understand the hurt and pain associated with the loss. Broken hearts come from a lack of understanding and or an inability to accept the reality of what is. In contrast, broken spirits are merely emotions of disappointment, inadequacy and regret derived from choices and decisions we've made.


Again, it's really easy to confuse the two when there is no constant reminder of the difference. But, when you're heart is broken, the feeling, more or less, resembles the inability to breathe. And that's because, despite the non-literal nature of this, broken hearts damage and discourage our ability to properly process emotions because of the complex relationship between mind (psyche), soul and body. For most of us, when experiencing what we refer to as a broken heart, we typically feel like we can't exist in its absence. In other words, we believe that we can't live or function without the individual and or concept of love we feel we lost.

Conversely, a broken spirit feels different. When our spirit is broken we lose our will and ability to see the beauty in love. Because when we experience a break-in (damage to) our spirit, we allow ourselves to be consumed with exaggerated disappointment. And many, whether we cannot or refuse to rationalize our feelings, won't admit that prolonged disappointment is indeed a choice...

Thus, I know it's easy to forget that we make the choices that most often yield undesirable circumstances, but when we accept that our reality reflects our decisions and choices, we can change how we are impacted by those decisions and choices. And in turn, seek to find solutions that mend and deter future broken hearts and spirits.

Wow! I just realized this is one of the shortest posts I have composed in a while. The information is there and totally comprehensible. You have to be willing to accept it.

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