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Good Morning: Daily tone setting!


I can't believe it's already 2019, and what I great year I anticipate this to be!

Truthfully, I came up with this blog last year, but I saved it for 2019 because I wanted us to start the new year fresh, with clear minds and eagerness to live better.

This year I wanted to start the year off by making an effort to remind myself of all the things that keep me sane in 2018. With a promise to actively use the tools in 2019.

And daily tone setting is one of those tools!

So, here are 3 simple tasks/notes to assist with setting the tone for your day.


I. Don't Rush Your Body!

The older I get the more I internalize the mind body connection. Even though I knew the connection was always there (as a dancer) and that it would never change, for some reason in my 20s, I believed and acted always as if my body would do just what my mind told it. However, now in my 30s (mid 30s), my body is a reflection of my mind and visa versa.

For example, if my body is tired, I can't focus, I have no energy, etc. Mentally I am just as drained as my body is. So keeping this in mind, I began to think of them as one unit, not as individuals.

I learned when I wake, NOT to rush my body.

So does that mean I am late to work everyday? No. That means that I allow my mind and body time to connect, so if that takes me an extra 30 minutes, my alarm is set 30 minutes of ahead of the time I need to get out of bed, etc.

To me, it is important to give myself time to get my body and mind on one accord.

And I can assure you that your productivity will increase drastically and your mood will be content and stable throughout the day. Because when you rush in the morning your whole day is rushed and you body and mind reacts to that adrenaline. Your mind may not be able to focus as it needs and your body will not be centered.

So this year, make a promise not to rush your body and see how it positively impacts your day!

II. Center Your Energy!

We don't realize how our dreams impact our day, how are worries impact our day, how our desires impact our day, etc. Most times we have so many expectations before we wake, that we don't give ourselves a chance to operate with a clear mind.

I learned, that I needed to center my energy, clear my mind so that I can be prepared for the unexpected, and enjoy the moments presented to me each day.

How do I do this?

Some people meditate, some people pray (and I do this as well but it's apart of number III for me), read, sit in silence, drink a cup of coffee in silence, write in journal/diary, listen to your favorite song etc. but whatever it is, even if it's something as simple as taking a really DEEP BREATH (I do this most days as well), it all does the same thing. BUT, it has to be done with the intent to not harbor on things of yesterday.

You have to actively discourage negative talk or discussion or thoughts in your mind about the past. But when you do, it allows you to refocus, so that you can let go of the things that consumed you from yesterday.

Clearing your mind is one of the most important things in setting the tone for your day. You allow yourself the ability to encounter the day without expectations (discourage disappointment) and you are sharp for developing solutions and you leave yourself open to ensuring positivity.

III. Recite Positive Affirmations!

And last, but certainly not least, number III is recite positive affirmations!

Ok now, I know many people think this is all you need to do to ensure a great day, but I happen to believe that is not true.

Consider this, if you wake up reciting affirmations without doing the things aforementioned in this post, it is HIGHLY LIKELY that your body will be tired, mind unfocused and that your energy can (and will) revert to being negative or consumed with things of the past. And you will have to ACTIVELY TRY NOT TO BE consumed with worry, or your body may not be on one accord with your mind and your productivity will be shot!

You don't need to work that hard to be positive, so it's beneficial that you follow these steps in order.

So, what is positive affirmations?

Many of you started doing this once the TV show Being Mary Jane came on BET. I know ya'll (yes I am country), remember the sticky notes on the bathroom mirror, with positive quotes and sayings. Well, this the most common form of positive affirmations!

Positive affirmation is also referred to as positive self-talk. Which basically means say something positive so that it can shape your mind into thinking positive throughout the day.

For some people that is praying, I do this most often, or by simply stating, "Today will be a great day." you are speaking positivity into your reality.

It is so important to remind yourself daily that your day, your choices, your experiences, etc. can be better than they were yesterday.


Now that you have the tools, be sure to share your experiences.

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2019!

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