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The 5 Fundamental Principles of Life

We all think we have life figured out at some point. I happen to think that we are always constantly evolving and learning, that is if you're living right. But what is often not considered are 5 basic principles in life. I happen to believe that if you operate with the knowledge of these things and actively practice these, than your life will ultimately be the epitome of peace.

So, Here are 5 Fundamental Principles of Life!



A life for an individual without morals is a very reckless life. Period. And I wish more people understood that.

What is moral?

Well that is an individual's regard for right vs wrong, good, vs evil, etc.

Religion was created with the intent to establish moral and ethical standards of behavior. But if we don't practice moral, we will do more harm to our life than good, because karma is certainly real!


A life without work is void of meaning!

If you don't work or have anything to work for, your life is void of purpose. And, we all need purpose.

Many of us spend our days looking for that thing that makes us who we are. That thing that motivates us daily. That thing that makes us individuals. Work gives us that. Identifying purpose and working in that purpose fulfills us.

We need work to reinforce that we have a reason for being, and to exhibit our contribution to society.


I know we have all heard of the quote, "If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything." This is certainly true. Lack of knowledge is harmful to life.

If you walk around the world ignorant, you become highly susceptible to being misinformed and mislead. We have to make an effort to learn so that we can not only better ourselves, but have positive impact on the world.


I spent most of 2018 beating you all over the head with the principal of acceptance, because I get that it's one of our greatest challenges. But the principles of love and acceptance go hand and hand with moral, and are representations of our willingness to be "GOOD".

Many people only expect to receive love and acceptance for validation, but, love and acceptance should be practiced just as much as its receipt should be anticipated.

For what are we without love?

Who do we become if we fail to be accepted and accept others?

Love and acceptance are key to having a life of peace. They are the fundamental principles in the Golden Rule, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

Love and acceptance are vital to a life of peace, prosperity and generosity!


Speaking of generosity, life has no substance without charity!

We can all recall a moment of gratitude for someone that exhibited charity toward us. It's that gratitude that should fuel (motivate) us to pay it forward.

Unfortunately today, we do enough judging people, like we are all knowing. Especially when we can't confirm within ourselves someone else's truth! Therefore, we need not judge the less fortunate on their journey. Because if every poor or bad decision we made brought us circumstances for punishment, we have no idea how we'd be able to live with that or come back from that...

It is our duty NOT to judge, but to walk through life actively willing to contribute to increasing the value of life for someone else.


If you notice, MONEY, was no where to be found in this list.

Life was not meant for you to get rich.

Your wealth is a reflection of your generosity!

When you start operating in life, with a purpose of "getting money", establishing "status", etc. then when you lose money/status, you lose your life. And that example is ever present in every news story surrounding men and women who lose their jobs, lose significant income, stature, establish excessive gambling debts, etc. who either commit suicide, go into great states of depression or are victims of homicide.

If you feel your life is missing something, and/or you want your life to mean more than what it does, I suggest you actively practice these principles.

I promise you will see how much more profound, peaceful and purposeful your life will become!

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