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New Decade New Attitude!

I am smiling in this photo because I smiled though most of the turmoil I experienced this decade. The toxic relationships that had my emotions all over the place, loss, and the consistent unpredictable changes I experienced. I could complain. I could tell stories to make you feel sorry for me, but I won't do that. Instead, because I am (and will always be) a glass half full girl, I will let you all in on a little secret... 2020 has more for me than 2010-2019 ever did!

Yes that's right, I am claiming an abundance of all that is good in the next year. This year will set me up for the next five years in a way I could not have ever imagined.

I realized over the past 10 years that I have been inspiring others through my pain and misfortune. At least that was my intention. But in the next 10 years, I want to give more advice to others. I realized that by having a degree in psychology and a passion for it, I have an innate ability to overcome things that most would battle for years. And because writing, encouraging and inspiring others is my calling, I have a wisdom for this work that I can't explain.

I often hear others say that I reached out to them at the right time, and my words (posts) were exactly what they needed to hear. I want to continue to do that, but starting in 2020, I want to draw inspiration from you all. I want to make sure that I am speaking directly to you. It's important to me that I began to open up discussions and make you all feel comfortable to ask me questions and share your own stories.

I tried to create an environment where we feel more comfortable being vulnerable. I didn't have that luxury growing up. I didn't have the chance to feel comfortable sharing my feelings and being open, but I refuse to allow that to be how I experience life as an adult. I want to aid in breaking the cycle of being too strong that our children never understand the importance of being vulnerable.

I hope that will be a place where everyone feels that they can come and share their experiences in the coming years. Can you all help me make this a place where we change together for the better?

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Audridom the blog created by author and blogger Audreyanna Garrett, stands to give birth to spirits of acceptance, encouragement, understanding and forgiveness, as well as help diminish spirits of fear, desperation, doubt and frustration, all while encouraging us to move forward in truth to something greater. 

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