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A Guide to Inner Peace

While I believe that we all understand the importance of achieving peace, I don't think many of us believe that said peace is more in our control than we realize.

I often hear people refer to a peace of mind as the moment they've reached a level of success and possess no financial worries. But is that really peace?

I often hear people refer to a peace of mind as the removal of individuals that cause them stress, but I ask again, is that really peace?

I too often here people refer to peace as a yoga class or spa day. But does that peace remain after the class or spa day has ended?

As we journey through life, we come to understand that we can't go through life in a continuous spa day or yoga class. We have other obligations. We have responsibilities that take us away from that yoga class or spa day. We have life challenges that can restrain our financial peace. And we will constantly come into contact with people who mean us harm.

The true guide to peace, is understanding how to maintain a state of emotional, physical and mental stability in spite of all the challenges that we encounter.

What is peace of mind to me?

As I have illustrated thus far, peace of mind for many of us is relative. But on a very basic level, peace for all of us should be defined as a state of being fearless, carefree and on a path motivated by purpose (whether spiritual or otherwise). And while peace of mind can be achieved intermittently, the goal should always be to achieve and maintain peace continually.

Peace is an active state of mind and being that ensures your mental, emotional and physical needs are maintained. Peace of mind is a balance between physical, emotional and mental happiness.

What does peace of mind look like to me?

Your mind is often in a state of quiet, you have no worries and you typically have no stress or feel no pressure of any kind. And should you happen to encounter pressure, stress, anxiety, etc. you are able to quickly identify the source and combat/manage it accordingly, in efforts to regain your state of peace. You don't allow outside influences, negative thoughts or others insecurities to invade your mental and emotional space. You too don't allow those things to negatively impact your physical healthiness.

You understand that most people's negativity is not a true reflection of you, but of insecurities and deficits that refuse to combat or face within themselves, so you don't take things personally. Establishing a peace of mind is not fundamentally about avoidance. I know most people will advise you to stay away from things that cause you stress an anxiety, but true peace is being able to exist in the midst of those things and maintain a sense of calmness, patience and gratitude. That's the greatest challenge. Because with that comes a deeper level of understanding of who you are and your purpose.

And as with all messages you encounter on my blog, you will learn that this is an "active" practice. You won't wake up one day with a peace of mind that will be there forever. You have to actively maintain your state of peace. Fundamentally, with that comes knowing yourself and paying attention to your surroundings enough, that you are not caught off guard so much that you allow outside influences, negative thoughts and/or insecurities invade your mental and emotional space.


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