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Establishing A Routine of Positive Self-Talk & Affirmations

As we continue to brave this pandemic, I know it's tough being at home and doing the same thing over and over. To help minimize anxiety it is best that we try to establish positive routines. For me those routines include positive self-talk and affirmations. It allows me to shift my focus from the negative. I find positives to focus on that will ultimately positively impact my immediate and distant future.

Focusing on the negative keeps you stuck in a negative emotional cycle. We don't often realize that focusing on all the unpleasant moments shift our view of the world. We then become "Glass Half Empty People" who lack optimism. But to be hopeful of and positive about outcomes decreases room for negativity to seep in. After all pessimism is defined, according to Google, as the tendency to see the worst in things, believe the worst will happen and inability to be hopeful about the future.

If you find yourself stuck in this cycle the biggest concern you should have and the question you should continue to ask yourself is "why is it that I can't be positive?" or "why can't I see good?"

If you are being honest with yourself you'd give yourself permission to explore what happened in your journey that hinders you from being hopeful and optimistic. Because although we like to think that bad habits derive out of thin air, they often do not. Therefore, answering these questions will help you identify your issue and give you an opportunity to address it head on.

If you assess that situation correctly, you have the opportunity to successfully identify what your triggers are. Triggers are the very things that make you or break you. Recognizing them keep you from crossing the line in situations where you have a lot to lose. Triggers are those emotions, incidents, feelings, etc. that trigger extreme anger/rage, depression, anxiety, etc. Ultimately understanding your triggers is about understanding you. Essentially you have to recognize your triggers in order to control it.

In my efforts to assist with empowering you all to establish positive habits of self-talk and affirmations, we'll explore how to combat triggers with positive self-talk and the impact that positive affirmations have on optimism.

Combatting Triggers with Positive Self-Talk

Since we've explored what triggers are and the importance of identifying them in the beginning in the post, I'll explain how positive self-talk assists with combating those triggers.

Because many of us don't realize that negative thoughts can also be identified as triggers, it is hard for us to understand their relationship. But constantly allowing yourself to entertain negative thoughts will leave you angry or frustrated for most of the day, in turn resulting in negative interactions with others. However, if you dare to think positively, you'll actually begin to notice how much a positive outlook impacts your interactions with others. And how positive those interactions become.

This, like many things, is not something that naturally occurs for us, it is something that we have to actively work on achieving. But the concept itself is very quite simple.

Impact of Positive Affirmations on Optimism

Just as positive self-talk helps negates negative thoughts and interactions, positive affirmations proactively combat negative emotions and increases one's ability to be more optimistic in general.

Positive affirmations help instill in your subconscious a positive outlook and power to disengage when faced with negative encounters. While there are several positive affirmations that you an choose from, you should make sure to identify and choose affirmations that align with your personal growth goals. Make sure that you are empowering yourself to remain calm and optimistic even when faced with negative or non desired situations.


  1. I am who I am, and I love all of me.

  2. I am enough.

  3. I trust my instincts.

  4. I am strong.

  5. My happy thoughts will become my reality.

  6. I receive all the good that GOD (the world) has for me.

  7. I am better than I used to be even if no one else recognizes it.

  8. I choose to be kind despite how I am treated.

  9. I embrace and accept every lesson and challenge.

  10. I deserve healthy love.

  11. If I don't like it, I have the power to change it.

As you can see my affirmations help reassure me that even if I encounter negative people or negative treatment that I can't hold myself accountable for someone else's actions or words toward me. I choose to still be kind despite how I am treated, therefore that often means ignoring those who are mean, bitter or negative toward me and/or removing them from my life were applicable. My affirmations too remind me that I am great just as I am and I deserve great things.

As you use my list of affirmations as a reference developing your own, again remember that you should make sure to identify and choose affirmations that align with your personal growth goals. And make sure that you are empowering yourself to remain calm and optimistic even when faced with negative or non desired situations.


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