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Tips to Making 2022 the Year of Manifestation!

I know I know, I am about 3 months late but I figure since it's still first quarter (when I started writing this lol), why not wish you all a Happy New Year and set the tone for a positive and prosperous 2022.

This year so far has been a year of solitude, and has impacted me in the best way. I've experienced so much positivity, manifested so many great things and have focused on my dreams in a way I think I couldn't have if I had not been in solitude. That being said, I find it necessary to share that manifesting abundance in happiness, peace and success, has yielded great rewards for me. So in true AudriWrites fashion, its necessary that I share the wealth. Therefore, while last year I discussed attitudes of gratitude, I figure this is a great year to discuss setting your intentions to manifest your dreams.


Everyone has read or at least heard about "The Secret," by Rhonda Byrne, a book (sadly that I have not read) but generally shares great insight on the laws of attraction. With progressive interest in understanding the laws of attraction and manifestation, I figure I need to first illustrate the importance of setting your intentions. And as this is fundamentally the core of the law of attraction methodology, it's critical to note that in order to manifest the life that you want, you have to know what that life should be and look like, right? Because how are you going to manifest anything that you can't see?

As someone who perceived herself for a long time being fluid and going with the flow, I realized that I lacked direction and clarity, which left me in a cycle of redundancy. And despite my hope for great things, I failed to reach or see any resolve. Thus, I found myself in a state of constant wonder, trying to determine my next move based solely on my current circumstances, without any consideration to my end goal.

I ultimately learned that I needed to envision the end goal, in order to make decisions with my highest good in mind. Subsequently, then I could make the decision to be intentional about achieving it!


After you have set your intentions and are clear on your end goals, it's best to embody energy that supports your manifestations. In other words, it is best to operate as if you have already acquired your end goal. Therefore it's essential that you be in the energy of greatness and assume the attitude of someone who has achieved their wildest dream.

Essentially, think about what it feels like to acquire that level of success and choose to be in that energy as often as you can. Embody the work ethic as well, and continue to consider and work toward the next level of that success. And remember, do NOT get complacent, solely hoping and wishing without putting in any work, because embodying the energy of your manifestation requires that you are putting the work in to achieve your goal just as much as you believe you can and have achieved it. Oh, and equally as important, remember to be grateful at all times.

Being in the energy of gratefulness and accomplishment (acting as if you have already acquired your end goal) shifts your attitude, motivation and perception from how far away the goal is (glass half empty) to believing its achievable, and operating in it as you anticipate it's arrival (glass half full).


Successful manifestation comes with understanding the struggles that come with it, therefore, I have developed a list of a few things to remember, in efforts to help you navigate potential obstacles (setbacks)....

  1. Fear is your worst enemy! If you're easily persuaded by the unexpected or unknown, manifesting will be harder than you think. Essentially a lot of manifestation incorporates faith and a firm belief in the outcome, thus, if you can easily disconnect from operating in the energy of your desired end goal, manifesting becomes difficult. Because essentially, you are giving in to your fear and therefore you will be frequently challenged...

  2. Embrace solitude! Solitude is your friend. And while I know some people assume solitude is synonymous with loneliness let me assure you, that is just absolutely incorrect. Solitude is where you give yourself a chance to ensure you're focused on your energy and maintaining said focus on embodying the attitude of someone who has achieved their greatest dream.

  3. Understand that not everyone will see or get your vision, purpose, goals or process.

  4. Remain positive, optimistic and GRATEFUL at all times!


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