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Passion versus Purpose

We all want to do a job that we are passionate about but we often don't realize that passion without purpose doesn't benefit us. But then again, how could we realize this if we don't know the fundamental difference between the two?

This blog post will not only help with understanding the role of both passion and purpose, but it will assure you that passion without purpose is not beneficial, because while you can certainly have each individually, the lesson, however, is understanding that passion and purpose are better together. And when your passion and purpose align you receive the greatest benefit. Therefore, because I've endured a period in my life journey without fully understanding the difference between walking through life pursuing passion, versus walking through life allowing my passion to align with my purpose, I wanted to communicate the difference between passion and purpose and why, again, they are better together.

Passion is the "What?"

Passion alone is essentially emotional fulfillment. Thus, many of us associate passion with love because we have a strong emotional bond to a person, place or thing. But, as you emotionally detach from a person, place, task, goal or dream, your passion for said person, place or thing will fade. And because we also tend to associate passion with drive, we misunderstand the truth of passion, but passion is fundamentally the "what". It's again the person, place or thing that we attach emotional gratification or fulfillment to. But passion alone is not a motivator. Therefore, while being passionate about something is good, passion lacks direction (focus), motivaton and intention without purpose (why).

Purpose is the "Why?"

Purpose is the "why" and that's about as simple as it gets. Purpose is the motivation, intention, drive and push that encourages you to seek and pursue your passion. Understanding this helps you better rationalize why you may start so many things, projects, tasks, etc., and not finish one. Lacking purpose explains why all of your relationships lack the will to withstand struggle. Passion alone is simply not enough. The dream or goal alone is simply not enough on its own, therefore it's important to understand the "why" so you are not just going through the motions.

Passion alone lacks impact!

To provide an example, writing is my passion, it's my God given talent. However, my purpose, the reason why I write is to help others. I am passionate about my purpose just as much as I am passionate about my talent. In all that I do, my underlining motivation is to help someone else, whether in a small or big way, that's my why. Therefore, if've you've made it to the end of this post, ask yourself why? Try and consider what impact my passion and purpose have had on you for you to believe in my work enough to read it this post through to the end. I am sure you will find that you are just as intrigued by my talents as you are by my passion.


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