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The necessity of confrontation...

My sister created a post on social media that brought attention to those who use their social media platform to address things that they have little to no knowledge of (fail to research), but shy away from

confronting an individual (or individuals) they have an issue with.

Needless to say the writer in me saw fit to address this message in a blog, so you have her to thank for this message!



Using social media to address things that you don't know anything about is just ridiculous. It kills me though, that people really believe that scrolling their timeline is considered educating themselves.

I've said this before, and I will say it again, the information you gather from the news and social media platforms is all based on the perception of the individual that composed it. Most times you have to read the same story from several different sources to find the consistent information, and that is what is to be regarded as factual.

Either way, writing about or trying to speak on something that you know nothing about is just ridiculous. Especially when you can be addressing people you have issues with. People who are currently, or use to be a very intricate part of your life. If you are that mad, you may want to salvage the relationship... #justsayin


Many people don't engage in confrontation because the word itself has such negative connotation. Confrontation is defined using terms like hostile, argumentative, conflict, battle and fight. Therefore, I'm left to assume that the antonym for confrontation would be defined as a conversation over tea and crumpets.

Although confrontation is viewed negatively, it is necessary and vital to conflict resolution. Either way it goes, when you confront someone, the intent is to address an issue or concern.

Unfortunately people who are confrontational get a bad rap as being rude, crass or always mad. But newsflash folks, confrontational individuals, like myself, are the people who don't hold grudges!


It's unfortunate that people use social networks to address people/issues they don't have the courage to confront in real life. So they use social media to indirectly address people and issues.

Here's my question, why harbor negative feelings, associated with non confronted issues, when you can release that energy and put it toward more positive things?

You can you say what you want, but when you don't confront issues, the anger just builds up and you become so bitter. And the more time progresses, the more you get so far from the root of the issue. All that hostility, anger and animosity gets lost in your inability to deal with the issues. And in turn you hold on to more grudges than you probably wanted to.


Yes it's really that simple.

Even the most rude, tackless or crass individuals can be confronted in a way that does not render hostile result.

And if the person you are mad at, is someone you don't care enough about to confront, well then you just look dumb for giving your energy to someone who "doesn't matter".

Either you are lying to yourself about what that person means to you, or you're too unhappy with yourself to let go of things that don't matter. So you avoid confrontation so you won't have to address your OWN issues.

Stop hiding behind cameras, tablets, laptops and smart phones, and using social media to try and address people. Confrontation is necessary. Don't be a grudge holder. Confront and move on.

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